Colorado's Rural Education Council

On February 1, 2016, the Rural Schools Alliance delivered letters signed by 136 rural leaders from around the State to their State Board representatives urging the Board to support the creation of a Rural Associate Commissioner position to work with then Commissioner Crandall, the State Board and CDE staff towards: (i)ensuring state policies and practices are necessary and appropriate for rural/remote schools and students; and (ii)expanding CDE support and services for rural/remote school districts.   

The intention was, in part, to elevate the role of the Rural Liaison and the Rural Council, created by statute in 2012, to advise the Commissioner and CDEt on the "needs and concerns of rural school districts.” The Rural Education Council is comprised of superintendents representing each of the eight regions in Colorado; a rural principal; representatives from the Colorado Association of School Boards, the Colorado Association of School Executives and the Colorado BOCES Association; two rural board of education members and the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance.

Since that time, we have seen a meaningful shift in CDE's approach to Rural affairs and we are excited by the direction of the Council's work for the 2017-18 school year.  Here is a link to CDE's Fact Sheet on the Council.  

The Council meets quarterly and you can look for updates on the Council's work in Rural Net, each month.