The Alliance Board of Directors has identified three priorities to guide our work:​The Rural Alliance Board is committed to ensuring adequate and equitable access to quality education for all students in Rural Colorado and has identified the following priorities for the 2019-20 school year:

Funding:  Increasing revenue and ensuring equity for rural schools. 

Opportunity: Enhancing economic and workforce opportunities for rural students

Accountability:  Ensuring accountability works for rural schools. 

The Alliance’s broader advocacy work is focused on the following:

Advocating for our members shared interests by developing a collective voice, and promoting the unique needs ​and challenges of Colorado’s rural communities. 

Empowering our members and their communities by promoting their accomplishments and challenging the perception that rural schools are failing.

Celebrating rural schools and fostering partnerships that strengthen educational leadership and encourage innovative approaches to education and accountability.  

Providing leadership in the creation of a statewide learning network that increases interaction and teamwork between and among our members throughout the state, where accomplishments are highlighted, successes are shared and the capacity of our schools to offer a quality education to all students is further enhanced.

Promoting a comprehensive dialogue and the exchange of critical information among educational leaders, stakeholders and policy makers with respect to school finance, propelling the state to accelerate progress towards the goal of a thorough and uniform system of public education. 

To keep our members informed of our efforts, we will attend regional superintendent meetings, statewide conferences and issue a biweekly newsletter, Rural Net.

Rural Advocacy