Colorado Rural Schools Alliance Members

Colorado’s 147 rural school districts have a history of community pride, strong values, independent spirits,
can-do attitudes, low class sizes, personalized education and the ability to change quickly and effectively.  
Many rural schools also struggle with geographic isolation, low categorical and other funding, low assessed valuations, aging facilities, teacher recruitment and retention, lack of grant writing and administration staff,
​and issues of ​both enrollment growth and decline.

Members of the Rural Schools Alliance become part of a unified network of rural leaders committed to the success of our rural schools and students.  Each of our members are unique with regard to their communities’ specific strengths and challenges.  Our members are united, however, in their commitment to increasing resources celebrating rural education and sharing best practices as part of their effort to ensure that Colorado’s rural students have access to world-class education and opportunities.

Rural districts throughout the State are implementing innovative programs and curriculums with high impact on their students and schools.  The links below are just a sampling of this great work:


  • 147 of 178 (83%) school districts in Colorado are classified as Rural and have fewer than 6500 students
  • 109 of 178 (60%) school districts in Colorado hare classified as Small Rural and have fewer than 1000 students
  • ​​Approximately 130,500 students are educated in Colorado's Rural Schools
  • 85 districts have less than 500 students
  • ​53 districts have less than 250 students

* numbers based on funded pupil counts for 2015-16.